I’m Michael Evansa science fiction author and entrepreneur. My most recent book is a post apocalyptic western, titled Inferno of Eden.  No, it isn’t published yet. Yes, I’m interested in talking to you if you’re an agent.  You can see the first chapter here


My most recent company is Fixer, a “right now” handyman service.  Using our website, anyone in Chicago can book a fixer that will be at your house in under an hour, or whatever time is convenient for you.  Our fixers are full time employees with benefits, as the company is committed to creating a career path alternative to the gig economy. 

I learned all about spaceships, aliens, and laser beams at MIT where I graduated with a pile of degrees and an equally impressive pile of debt. After that adventure, I co-founded GrubHub because I was frustrated with futilely searching for delivery restaurants and grumbling through inaccurate orders.  I wrote version one of in 2004 then armed with a “Sales for Dummies” book, I  bootstrapped the business for two years. I lead GrubHub through 5 financings, a couple acquisitions, a merger, and ultimately an IPO.

With the IPO complete, I amicably left GrubHub.  The following day, I dipped the wheel of my bicycle in the Atlantic Ocean and then proceed to ride it 4,150 miles across the United States to the Pacific, crossing the Continental divide nine times in the process.
If you need a head shot of me for some reason, pick one from below (click on the image for a hi-res version):
 spectrum headshot

Selfie at the Pacific after riding across the United States on my bike.