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I ran GrubHub with my co-founder for four years before taking investment. A lot of the principles here resemble the lean startup movement. Here’s some of my experiences starting a starttup.

A strong business partner decreases startup risk

A good partner increases the likelihood of a positive exit for a company. This increased chance of an exit more than offsets the 50% dilution. Getting paid a million bucks is sweet for the founder. Getting paid two million is even bette

Founder Equity Compensation

I’ve been asked recently about how to compensate non founder employees at the beginning of a venture. Most folks agree there is an upper limit on the ideal number of founders. So taking that for granted, how do you motivate non founder employees with equity before you have cash?

Lean Startup Economics

Here are four steps for building a unit economics model in parallel with starting the business. This makes the model a living document rather than a dusty academic exercise.